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What is a Backcountry Attitude? Hopefully the backcountry attitude that you adopt will be one that shows respect for our natural environment. This site will teach how we can have fun in the outdoors in ways that don't negatively impact our natural resources or take away from the enjoyment of others.




Enjoying the Outdoors Responsibly

leave no traceLeave No Trace Outdoor Skills

Information on minimum impact camping & hiking & how to enjoy the outdoors without causing damage.

fire pan
Fire Pans for a Low Impact Campfire

Use a fire pan to minimize the impacts of fire.

camp soap
Biodegradable Soap Can Pollute Water Sources

All soaps can contaminate water sources.

backpacking gear colorsLow Impact Color Choices for Gear

Gear & clothing to blend into the outdoor environment & repel biting insects.

dune hikingTreading Lightly - Minimum Impact Dune Hiking

Our footprints can damage dune grasses.

beach hikingThe Lightest Step - Leave No Trace Beach Walking

Walk below the high water mark to reduce footprints.

hiking thru mud
The Art of Hiking on Muddy Trails

How to hike on muddy trails to prevent trail erosion.

hiking switchbacksNavigate Switchbacks to Prevent Trail Damage

Zig-zag trails up hills or mountains help to prevent erosion.

tin foil does not burn.jpgTin Foil Doesn't Burn When Placed In Fire

Tin foil really doesn't burn completely in fire.

outdoor stewardshipOutdoor Stewardship: Caring for the Outdoors

Make the outdoors a better place to recreate thru volunteering & low impact camping.

fireworksFireworks: Cheap Thrills & Toxic Consequences

Pollution from fireworks creates an unnecessary risk to our personal and environmental health.

protect tree bark when campingProtecting Trees from Rope Damage

Ways to prevent damage from ropes to trees.

negative traceNegative Trace - Go Beyond Leave No Trace

Help reverse human impacts in nature.

Camping, Backpacking and Hiking Resources

backpacking and hiking Backpacking and Hiking Trailhead

Backpacking & hiking skills directory organized into categories.

outdoor campsite Choosing the Perfect Campsite

Good guide on how to find ideal campsites

lightweight backpacking Counting Ounces - Lightweight Backpacking

Lighten your pack load.

camp shoes Camp Shoes - A Foots Best Friend

Camp shoes for backpacking

outdoor safety Outdoor Safety

Outdoor recreation safety.

Bears & Bear Safety

bear safety Bear Safety : Dealing With Bears

Bear safety information and techniques.

bear Bear Bagging

Protect your food from bears and other animals when backpacking.

Wilderness Survival

wilderness survival Wilderness Survival

Wilderness and outdoor survival information.

wilderness survival priorities Wilderness Survival Priorities

7 wilderness survival priorities

survival attitude The Attitude of Survival

A positive state of mind is the key to survival in an outdoor emergency.

Map and Compass and Outdoor Navigation

map and compass
Navigation With Map & Compass

How to use a compass, read maps, etc.

backcountry navigation Land Navigation Lesson Plan

Outdoor activity on the 3 keys of navigation.

Other Outdoor Recreation Resources and Information

Get Involved in the Outdoor Community
Outdoor events calendar and ways to get involved.

Issues that Affect the Backcountry
We need to be aware of the many issues that affect the Backcountry.

Outdoor Education
Outdoor and nature education resources and links.

Outdoor Recreation Organizations & Associations
Directory of outdoor recreation organizations.

Wilderness Resources
Information on wilderness, the Wilderness Act, and federally designated Wilderness.

Outdoor Photography Tips
Links to tips for photographing nature.

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